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One Office 3000 - Product Pricing

OneOffice 3000 is a mid range suite of finance and distribution software and offers unrivalled functionality for the price. No other similarly featured product can equal it in terms of value for money.

Modules start at under £50 per module per user, and the pricing structure is very fair, being priced per module and per user, so if you do not need modules such as Job Costing, Manufacturing or even General Ledger, you do not have to pay for them. Many software producers only offer 'bundles' of software including (and charging for) packages you do not need.

OneOffice 3000 provides a high level of functionality, but is scalable, so if you do not require features such as multi-location stock control, batch and serial numbering, or multiple companies, you do not have to pay for them, but can add them in if the need arises.

What this means is that you can implement OneOffice 3000 for a very low price, but knowing that if your requirements change you can add in features, without having to upgrade to and learn a completely new version of the software.

The software for a typical OneOffice 3000 six user system including the main financial and distribution modules would cost under £8000, or less than £350 per month including support, with the cost spread over three years. Prices exclude V.A.T.

Did you Know...

"……this is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!,
What was so good? From our viewpoint a relatively small change to the Manufacturer software (provided under the support contract) but which made a big difference to how this customer could use the software."