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One Office 3000 - Software Amendments

Many of our customers gain considerable benefit by having their software amended to their specific needs. These can be special reports, small additional features, or complete new modules.

The great advantage that this provides is that the software then operates in exactly the manner our customers require rather than forcing them to fit in to a "one size fits all" package.

As with most mid range ERP and financial software packages OneOffice 3000 is driven by the use of literally hundreds of system parameters which govern how the system operates, but over and above that we are able to modify the actual source code of the programs.

What this means is that, although OneOffice 3000 is already a very powerful system, we can offer functionality and flexibility far above what the standard software can provide.

Is this costly? Not compared to the benefits it brings. In many cases we carry out these changes under the support contract, so at no additional cost at all.

Does it cut off standard software updates? No. Software changes are maintained in separate libraries which are merged into new releases of the standard software.

Our ability to customise the software in this manner is one of the great benefits that moving to this level of software offers over the starter systems such as Sage 50.

Did you Know...

"Transaction Notes,
You have always been able to put notes on Debtors and Creditors accounts with OneOffice 3000, but you can now add notes to individual transactions as well. This means, for example, that if an invoice (purchase or sales) is queried, you can put a note on the transaction itself to enable everyone using the system to know the background."