Midrange Systems Limited


Midrange Systems Limited

Midrange Systems incorporates the staff, expertise and accumulated software portfolio of two companies, both of which had been working with Global software since the early 1980s.

One was a pure Global programming company; the other worked with Global but integrated it with other software.

Midrange has extended its expertise with Global, and is one of the few companies holding the programming source code of the software. This provides the company with an in depth knowledge of the software, second to none in the industry, the ability to investigate the software directly in case of any query (rather than have to refer back to the authors) and the ability to tailor the software to meet special requirements. It also indicates the trust of the authors, TIS Software Limited.

The ability of a company to provide first rate support can only be supported by their staff's knowledge, and Midrange Systems' support staff each have no less than twelve year's experience in implementing and supporting Global software to the business community, providing an unparalleled support capability.

We strongly believe that it is this combination of the strength of OneOffice 3000 combined with our expertise and experience that offers a unique proposition to our customers.

Midrange is one of a number of software houses that supply and support OneOffice 3000. What this means is that our customers are not 'locked into' using us, as it would be possible for one of our customers to obtain their support from another OneOffice 3000 software house.

This places us, in effect, in competition for our customer's business at each renewal date so it is incumbent on us to provide a very high level of support to ensure that our customers stay with us.

Did you Know...

"Dual Monitors,
Did you ever wish you had more screen space? Most of the computers we have supplied in recent years with their high spec Gigabyte motherboards, combined with Windows XP, Vista, or 7, support dual output so you can have two monitors running from the one computer. You know that Windows can do several things at the same time but sometimes you need to see them happening, so as well as what you are working on you may want to have your Outlook e-mails, or a web page, or a security camera, showing on a second screen beside your existing one. Let us know if you want this facility."