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One Office 3000 - Integration

Integrating systems ensures that there is no wasted effort in re-keying of data with the attendant risk of error, and one of our strengths is our ability to integrate OneOffice3000 with other software packages.

As organisations grow and become more demanding they are less inclined to accept a 'one size fits all' policy with their business systems, and instead require a best of breed approach, selecting the most appropriate system for each element of their business, but still requiring the systems to integrate.

It will sometimes be the case that a software package for a specialist application will include a basic accounting function or a ready made integration with a basic accounts suite, but these tend to be insufficient for the larger organisation.

OneOffice3000 provides a very solid and highly functional platform for distribution, manufacturing, and financial accounts, but also includes many 'hooks' which enable seamless integration with other systems.

One of the most popular is website e-commerce integration, particularly where webshop sales are mixed with a traditional business-to-business operation. The larger business will wish to have their own website designed to project their particular image rather than buy a ready made design, but will also need to have their webshop operation integrated into the existing business operations:

One Office 3000 Integration Diagram

Integration with web sites is an area where we offer considerable experience, but the same techniques have been used in many other applications

• Charity systems
• On-line Course and Event Booking systems
• Newspaper Advertising
• Membership
• Parent Company ERP systems
• Electronic Catalogues
• Stockbroker
• Waste Management
• Point of Sale

Did you Know...

"Dual Monitors,
Did you ever wish you had more screen space? Most of the computers we have supplied in recent years with their high spec Gigabyte motherboards, combined with Windows XP, Vista, or 7, support dual output so you can have two monitors running from the one computer. You know that Windows can do several things at the same time but sometimes you need to see them happening, so as well as what you are working on you may want to have your Outlook e-mails, or a web page, or a security camera, showing on a second screen beside your existing one. Let us know if you want this facility."