Midrange Systems Limited


Global (One Office) Support

Installation and Implementation

The installation of OneOffice 3000 software is a specialist operation and we strongly recommend that our own experienced staff carry out this function, even when a customer has their own IT support staff.

The installation of the software will include the server software, client software on individual workstations and definition of printers to which printouts are required. Sample data is provided with most applications which will also be installed together with the definition of data areas for live data.

The flexibility of the software is largely enabled due to it being governed by hundreds of parameters. Again we would strongly recommend that one of our own experienced staff set up these parameters in consultation with our customers' staff, listening to the requirements then defining the parameters with them at their offices.


The software is fully documented, but most new users of it will require training, which we normally provide on site at our user's premises using their own computers. The benefit of doing this is that our customer's staff are working in familiar surroundings and on the system that they will be responsible for using. It also allows the trainees to refer to actual work that will be readily available.

We recommend that we supply training in half day sessions as there is a limit to how much information can be absorbed by personnel being trained on a new system.

The important issue is that whatever the need is for training, we are geared to provide it in a professional and competent manner tailored to our customers' needs.

Data Conversion

We are in most cases installing a system which will replace an existing system, which contains a considerable amount of data, so will normally transfer that data automatically in to the new system.

Amending Software

The standard software packages are powerful and very flexible and can be customised by the setting of parameters, but for many of our customers we have provided amendments to the software or additional modules to their own specification. Many years of experience enables us to provide this service at competitive prices, and enables us to make the software do what our customers want, rather than ask them to force their requirements into a package.

Progress Meetings

Throughout the implementation process and the life of the software we hold progress meetings. We use these to plan the implementation but also to continually monitor our performance to ensure that we are meeting our customers' objectives and to ensure that the system is being of full benefit to them.

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