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TIS Software Limited is the author of the standard OneOffice 3000 ERP software packages, and Midrange Systems is one of TIS Software's major partners.

In the mid 1970s, the CAP computer services group formed a specialist division to develop software products that would exploit the power of the newly-invented microprocessors. The initiative was part-funded by the UK government, for which CAP was a leading software supplier and which wished to encourage an indigenous software industry.

By 1981 the Microproducts division had developed a uniquely portable operating system (BOS), a programming development environment (BOS/MicroCobol) and a complete suite of business applications - accounting ledgers, including Payroll, stock control, order processing and invoicing modules, and office automation tools (word processor, database, spreadsheet).

This was at time when every different computer had required its own version of operating system, several years before Unix launched a similar product in the commercial marketplace and of course ten years before Windows became predominant.

Recognising that CAP would always focus on mainframe software development for government, the Microproducts management team engineered a buy-out and in May 1981 the new organisation commenced trading as three linked companies - Microproducts Software Ltd, Microproducts Programming Ltd and Microproducts Training Ltd. CAP are now Cap Gemini and are still one of the UK's largest software houses.

In 1982 the company renamed itself BOS Software Ltd and a more commercial orientation continued to develop. The company won a number of significant direct contracts with government organisations such as the Home Office, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, Forestry Commission and the British Army.

The culmination of this was the Duke of Edinburgh's decision in 1984 to use what was then termed BOS software for his private office; the company retains the royal warrant to this day.

Product development continued to be a major focus, but it was the creation of a large and geographically widely-spread software house network at this time which was critical to the organisation's future success. The bulk of the network recruited then is still with the company and much the same continuity can be observed in the user base.

In October 2011 TIS Software was acquired by Kerridge Computer Systems Limited, a market leader in the development and provision of trading and financial software environments for specialist Distribution, Wholesale, Importing, Merchant and Retail industry sectors.

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