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Midrange Systems is a specialist in the implementation and support of OneOffice 3000 (Global 3000) Financial and ERP software. Our industry professionals have been implementing solutions around this software, and its predecessor Global 2000 (BOS) for over 25 years, so we bring a wealth of experience in business systems to our customers, as there are few requirements that we have not met and solved before, combined with a friendly, helpful and responsive service.

OneOffice 3000 is designed for medium sized organisations, probably requiring between three to thirty users on their system, who need to move to a more functional product, either in general terms or specifically to suit their line of business.

Our customer base is varied. It includes many distributors of various types and sizes, and also several public limited companies and a number of charities, clubs and trade organisations. However, one or two of the following factors tend to apply to most of our clients:-

Moving up, or saving running costs?

OneOffice 3000 is one of the most competitively priced mid-range systems. If your business is growing, and you are running one of the 'starter' systems such as Sage or Quickbooks and you require greater flexibility or functionality than your current system offers, OneOffice 3000 could be the solution.
If on the other hand you feel encumbered by high running costs on a more expensive product, such as Microsoft Dynamics, you may be looking to save money on your current running costs. A move to OneOffice 3000 is likely to provide you with a system very similar in functionality but, fully installed, at a considerable saving over a short time.

Data Transfer

We have not yet found a system from which we cannot transfer data, so when you move from your existing system to OneOffice 3000, we should be able to transfer all of your data, so no re-keying.

In-house or Web based (Cloud)

You choose how you wish to use the system. The traditional 'in-house' option, where the software is installed on your own network, is still the preferred option for most medium sized businesses as there is then no reliance on an Internet connection, and of course you are still able to access your system from home or anywhere else. If you wish to use the system via 'the Cloud' (a hosted system) so removing the responsibility for taking backups and upgrading, then we can implement that for you if you prefer.